How to ReplaceYour 4Runner Ball Joints

4Runner Ball Joint Replacement

I am seeing this issue more and more on the forums and Facebook, some poor 3rd Gen owner is driving along and without notice the ball joint fails dropping his truck to the ground.  Well for under $200 and a little instruction you can change out your 4Runner ball joints in about an hour.  I found one of the best videos on the subject and linked it below.  Hope this ends the mystery and helps you out!

Tools Needed for this Job

  • Floor Jack2000 4runner ball joint
  • Jack Stands
  • 2 ft. Breaker bar
  • Torque Wrench (preferably 20-150lbs)
  • Ratchet wrench 1/2″ & 3/8″ Drive -or- Impact gun
  • Ball Joint Puller
  • Tie Rod Puller
  • Dykes to remove cotter pins
  • Locktite Threadlocker Blue 242

 – Sockets

  •      14mm
  •      19mm
  •      24mm

Torque Specs

  • Outer Tie Rod Castle Nut – 67 Ft. Lbf
  • Four Ball Joint Bolts – 59 Ft. Lbf
  • Castle Nut for Ball Joint – 105 Ft. Lbf
  • Wheel Lug Nuts – 83 Ft. Lbf

4Runner Ball Joint Part Numbers

  • 4333039585 – Right Ball Joint ***(Check and make sure these come with the castle nut)
  • 4334039465 – Left Ball Joint ***(Check and make sure these come with the castle nut)
  • 90080-10066 – Bolts (Need 8) ***SEE NOTE BELOW FOR FITMENT

The guy in the video purchaed his parts from Camelback Toyota out of Arizona which I have linked, but check your local dealership or someplace else might be cheaper.

Here is the link to AutoZone for the parts:  CLICK HERE

…and Oreilly Autoparts – CLICK HERE

***NOTE:  There are two different style LBJ bolts used for the 3rd Gen 4Runner years. 

  • 1996-2000 use a flanged bolt, part #90080-10066
  • 2001-2002 use a bolt with a washer (it’s a little longer than the 1996-2000 bolts), part #90119-10933.