I Like Chrome Too, But It Had To Go!

You read that correctly.  I love chrome.  My Harley had chrome to the max.  But I am going for a different look with this 4Runner and after careful consideration, it had to go, or at least be relocated to different accents on the truck.

So what was chrome on my 4Runner?  The front grille and the rear emblems.  I decided to go for it.  I had such good luck with both the Plastidip and the spray on bed liner stuff that I was becoming a pro at this.  Off comes the grille and into the shop for sanding prepping and eventually painting.  I used a satin black paint made for plastic on this part.  Sanded it down just to rough up the surface so the paint would have something to grab on to.

The rear emblems however I wanted a safer fall back in case I went full blown idiot accidentally and wanted my chrome back, so they were Plastidipped.

The job went fairly well.  I wasn’t overly pleased with the results on the Plastidip this time around, so down the road I will strip them and do that over.  Just could have been a better job on my part.  Overall, I am happy with the results and yet another phase completed in my makeover.