Turn Night Into Day – The LED Light Bar Install

Let me start off by saying that I do not have a 4X4 T4R.  I do not go off-roading like some 4Runner owners do.  However, i do live in a large metropolitan area with millions of drivers, most of which are inconsiderate SOB’s.  I say that to say this, I wanted a way to fight back short of a road rage incident and maybe a few might be more considerate drivers on the road. 

My big pet peeve is those who drive their car right up your ass when you are traveling on the highway and those particular a-holes who like to drive with their high-beams on all the time.  The other side of this story is that sometimes you just need more light and a flashlight is either not handy or not enough. 

With that having been said, I purchased a 42″ curved light bar with both flood and spot lights and a rear 22″ curved LED spot light.  The front claims 20,000 lumens while the rear is about 14,400 lumens.  I purchased custom buttons for both lights and also, although I have not installed it yet, have two pod lights with their own switch as well.

The installation took a while.  You can buy custom brackets made just for the 4Runner, but when the bracket is $160, you can keep them!  Made my own.

The front light was mounted inside the door jamb and attached with stainless steel threaded inserts for security and the wiring run down beneath the rubber gasket to the door.

The rear was mounted in a less traditional manner in that i did not want to drill holes in my roof thereby giving water a chance to penetrate and screw up my truck, so my solution was to drill holes in the rear spoiler thing on top of the rear gate, use steel threaded inserts there as well and utilize the wiring harness access already there.

Running the wires to the rear was a huge pain in the ass, but the end result was awesome.  I angled the light to hit right inside the windshield of anyone following too close.